Opportunities to Serve

    Sep 28, 2022 |


    Fellowship meal Coordinator (needed once every other month)  
    Responsibilities for fellowship meal coordinator:
    Ask 4 others to help you ahead of time.
    Set up tables and chairs
    Organize food table with paper supplies.
    Receive the food as persons bring it, taking note of any instructions.
    After leaving the service 15 min early:
    Set the food items out on the table
    Remove empty containers from food line
    Clean up, take down all but about 5 tables and chairs, vacuum, take trash to

    Décor specialist (for special occasions and celebrations such as Easter and
    Setup up decorations and such, for special occasions and celebrations.
    Take décor and such down when occasions and celebrations are over and set usual
    décor back up.

    Visitor Greeter
    Greet people especially new faces.

    Coffee Server
    Prepare coffee and water for tea, and place in the Foyer area for people to serve
    themselves before church. Take coffee carafes into kitchenette during service, and
    bring out afterwards. Clean coffee serving area and carafes.

    Door Greeter
    Hold the door open and greets people as they enter.

    Head Usher 

    Lead the usher teams 



    Sound Tech



        Teachers for nursery through 5th grade

    *If you have any interest in these areas and need more information contact the church office at 717-299-5119.

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